If someone was taking a scenic drive off the dirt roads near Springville in Susquehanna County on Oct. 26, that person likely would have heard the sound of gunfire echoing through the Appalachian Mountains from Rock Mountain Sporting Clays. 
However, it was not just a day at the shooting range. It was a day in which Cabot Oil & Gas and Sordoni Construction Services teamed up to hold a sporting clay benefit tournament for the Scranton School for Deaf & Hard of Hearing Children (SSDHHC) that had competitors aiming high, low, left and right for a good cause. 
Sordoni is a family-sustained construction management and general contracting firm based in Forty Fort, Pa. according to Bill Sordoni, president of the company.
“We were founded in 1910 by Andrew Sordoni and we’re now a fourth-generation family firm and we’re proud to be a sponsor of this event,” he said. “We recognize the value and responsibility we have as a corporate citizen to the community.”
Registration began in the morning hours and coffee and donuts were provided, but it wasn’t long before the shooters went off to their stations and began navigating their way around each of the varied stations of Rock Mountain. 
“Cabot and Sordoni came together and to do this event to collectively give back and meet the needs of the community,” Cabot Director of External Affairs George Stark said. “We expected roughly 50 people to compete in today’s event, but with over 120 people competing here today, this is much bigger than we anticipated and we’re overwhelmed with the turnout.” 
The SSDHHC commended Cabot’s and Sordoni’s efforts to give back to the community and expressed its appreciation of the benefit.
“This event benefits the school in many ways,” Director of Institutional Advancement Matt Campion said. “We are a private, non-profit organization and, while we have some state funding, much of our funding comes from private fundraisers such as this.
“Cabot’s and Sordoni’s efforts also benefit us in ways that allow the word of our school (to) be spread over a greater area so that parents with children that are deaf or hard of hearing will know about us and the ways in which we can help them provide education to their children,” he continued. “With their efforts we’re reaching people that we would never reach, and we’re thankful and appreciative of their help.” 
Prizes and raffles were won after the tournament, with awards ranging from free boxes of shotgun shells to sporting pigeons to a collectible shotgun. 
The overall individual winner of the tournament was Dennis Thomma, with Stephanie Paluda coming in as the female winner. The top team of the tournament was “Team Chuck,” which consisted of Joe Shear, Curt Coccodrilli and Chuck Coccodrilli.
“This is a beautiful course,” Thomma said. “The station where you’re shooting, almost from a cliff; that was definitely my favorite one. But Rock Mountain has such varied course and it’s a lot of fun.”
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